Knowledge Genus Corporation delivers state of the art knowledge management solutions.

KNOWLEDGE GENUS CORPORATION, KG, is dedicated to providing a complete range of Knowledge and Information Management Consulting and Product services. KG was founded in 1997 with the principles to provide superior KM and IM expertise to its clientele and partners.

In today's rapidly advancing information business environment, the appropriate use of technology is a key element in an organization's success. Armed with the right tools an organization can gain a 'competitive edge' in this global economy. KG's diverse suite of Knowledge Management and Information Technology services ensures organizations meet and exceed their business and technology goals.

OUR APPROACH is based on a commitment to successfully deliver superior solutions to your information requirements, that are robust and cost-effective.

Knowledge Genus works in partnership with you to design, develop and implement Knowledge Management strategies and Information Management solutions to meet your present and future requirements. Our services are provided on a per diem and project basis. Our systematic approach has earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality KM and IM solutions, on time and on budget.